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Maple Pass - Lake Ann Loop, North Cascades

Maple Pass – Lake Ann Loop, North Cascades

The weather forecast called for a 40% chance of thunder showers, a perfect afternoon to head up into the North Cascades.

Lake Ann, from the Maple Pass Trail.

Lake Ann, from the Maple Pass Trail.

Lake Ann framed in Fireweed

Lake Ann framed in Fireweed

The 7-mile loop trail is perfect. The parking area is right off of the highway, at Rainy Pass which is about 4,800 ft elevation. The trail switchbacks up through thick forest, swings along side an open curved…

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Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington State

Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington State

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Washington State is blessed with more than 30 Wilderness Areas, one of which is the Goat Rocks Wilderness.
The Pacific Crest Trail passes through the Goat Rocks crossing some of the most stunning terrain along the trail in Washington.
Here are a few images from the Goat Rocks Wilderness.
Mount Rainier and Beargrass from the Lily Basin Trail

Mount Rainier and Beargrass from the Lily Basin…

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Skyline Divide, North Cascades

Skyline Divide, North Cascades

The Skyline Divide Trail is one of many off the Mount Baker Highway (Route 542) that heads up to the high country near Mount Baker. It is one of the busiest trails due to its ease of access and wonderful views.
These images were captured with the morning light after camping on the ridge. The two mountains in the images are Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan. NCI trip 14a

NCI trip 8a

NCI trip 9a

NCI trip 10a

NCI trip 11a

NCI trip 13a

NCI trip 7a

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Thirsty Boots on the Knife’s Edge

Thirsty Boots on the Knife’s Edge

The Knife’s Edge is a section of the Pacific Crest Trail in the Goat Rocks Wilderness in Washington State. Here the trail has been blasted and carved into the top-most edge of the ridge.
As one heads north on the PCT the trail climbs through the wonderful meadows of Snow Grass Flats, through the snow and on to rock and scree to reach a promontory on the side of Old Snowy.
Snow Grass Flats and Mount Adams

Snow Grass Flats and…

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Mount Baker and the Park Butte Lookout

Mount Baker and the Park Butte Lookout

Park Butte Lookout Under the Big Dipper

Park Butte Lookout Under the Big Dipper

The Park Butte Lookout is perched atop a ridge on the south side of Mount Baker.
The 4 mile trail switchbacks up the slopes, breaking out into Morovitz Meadows and traversing along the mountain to a last steep climb to the Lookout.
Park Butte Lookout

Park Butte Lookout

Open to the public to stay the night the Lookout provides some spectacular views.
View from inside

View from inside

On this…

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Free Astrophotography Workshop at North Cascades National Park

Free Astrophotography Workshop at North Cascades National Park

I am officially scheduled to deliver a short workshop on how to capture images of the Milky Way. The workshop will be held at the Diablo Lake Overlook, on Highway 20, the North Cascades Highway. I am putting on the class through the North Cascades National Park.

Have you ever seen stunning images of the Milky Way? And have you ever wondered how YOU could take pictures like this of the night sky?…

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A Night at Crystal Mountain

A Night at Crystal Mountain

A friend invited me along for a trip to Crystal Mountain Resort, to camp out under the stars and see if we could capture images of the milky way over Mount Rainier.
The drive to the resort is itself, a beautiful ride. Arriving we purchased a gondola ticket ($22.00) and rode up to the restaurant.
We stayed overnight, taking pictures of the resort, sunset, gondola and of course, Mount Rainier. Here…

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Milky Way over Mount Rainier